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29-09-2021 2 weeks ago
Replied to a question : How to manually check recently modified files in WordPress? Type in your terminal:$ find /etc -type f -printf '%TY-%Tm-%Td %TT %p\n' | sort -r .If you want to see directory files, type in your terminal:$ find /...
30-04-2021 5 months ago
Replied to a question : How to Display Post Views Count in Blogger Creating your Firebase AccountSignup to Firebase*You will be redirected to your dashboard once you successfully signed upThen, create your Firebase AP...
28-03-2021 6 months ago
Replied to a question : How to call a function from button click kotlin in android? You can pass data from one activity to another using extras. For example you can set some flag in first activity by doing this:val intent = Intent(thi...