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29-09-2021 2 weeks ago
Published a question : How to manually check recently modified files in WordPress? Which command line is use for check the recently modified files in WordPress..
30-04-2021 5 months ago
Published a question : How to Display Post Views Count in Blogger Is it anyway that I can have the view count for each post under Blogger's dashboard displayed on every post? Meant that I do not want to implement a n...
30-03-2021 6 months ago
Published a question : How to embed Instagram feed on website I am trying to integrate the Instagram feed of the client to the web site sidebar. My website stack is  Vanilla JS, Bootstrap,  Laravel and jQuery.I g...
28-03-2021 6 months ago
Published a question : How to call a function from button click kotlin in android? I have two activities, LoginActivity and MainActivity. When I press a button in my LoginActivity I want to call a function in MainActivity.How can I a...